Thursday, January 28, 2010

First post in a while, with words in it anyway! :)

Ok, today was a day where I wanted to eat! I managed to snack on fruit, corn things, a low points fruit juice ice-block and black coffee. So, proud of that. And I have made up 3.5 points from going over yesterday so I'm nearly on the level! (Two days of eating 24 when I should have been on 23 after going under 110! ) I think I may have just spoilt this announcement but I went under 110 kgs this week! Minimally (109.9) but still done and gone and NEVER going back!
That takes my total loss to 5.5 kg! YAY!
I had a massage this morning which was lovely, I just wanted to curl up and sleep after but i had to go to the doctor to get my IUD checked. Now this is the 2nd one i have had in four months, the first fell out and surprise surprise they think this one is too. Shit luck. Now I'm going to have to use hormonal contraception and I'm worried about weight gain!
In positive news, I have booked an appointment with a personal trainer for the first day I am in Wanganui to talk about what would work for me. I'm think one PT session a week and one boxing session, coupled with LOTS of walking to and from classes, a swim and a cycle in the weekends the weight should fall off! Haha.
Now the only problem with this is to be able to afford the PT session I need to give up going to WW each week. I have thought about joining online but I confidently track with my clicker, have a points calculator and WW books to find points values, plus I can use the WW message boards for support for free... so I don't think online would benefit me terribly, My PT will weigh me and take my measurements so I think I'll be sweet! Plus i have my cheerleading squad in my Bf and parents and friends who are all super supportive.
Only 12 days till I move and I am confident I will hit my 5% before I have to leave my Dunedin meeting which will be a nice milestone to share with everyone.
Next few days will be spent packing and sorting and i think ill swim both days as well.
Hope everyones day has been great and you have a fab weekend!

What I make :)

Saturday, January 16, 2010

dinner party.

so i made it through the dinner party work function. enjoyed my food and my wine and used all my saved points but thats what they were there for! had a good laugh and some good conversation. all and all a good night. plans for some serious exercise tommorrow.

Friday, January 15, 2010

last few days.

the last few days i guess since weigh in have been difficult. i have exercsied and eat under (by 4 to save for tonights work do) my points but i seem to have this need to weigh myself everyday and the scales keep going up. i can hear some of you and all of me going ISLAY only weigh your self once a week at WW but i cant help myself. so its getting me a bit obsessive. what can i do to lose weight that im not already doing? what will i look like at goal. how long will it take me to get there. where do i wanna be for my birthday and how hard do i have to work to get there. these things are going round and round my brain and i cant seem to think about/ do anything else! hopefully when i get back to study in a few weeks ill have a few more things to think about and this will subside?
havent been for a walk today and i should , its a very pleasant sunny afternoon in dunedin.
tonight is the gallery work function, a very belated christmas one! and mum is cooking up a feast.. i have saved 8 and a half points for it so i have 23 points for dinner tonight which should cover it nicely.
OMG dinner last night was AMAZING i had french toast with banana bacon and maple surup! it was delicious and at 11.5 points it dam well should have been, had had light meals throughout the rest of the day so it was fine. a treat though not a weekly occurance! yum.
we cant get the WW bacon in NZ so it was 5 points worth of bacon that put it up there!
well i better go and help mum clean up for tonight.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Goals list so far - would love some more ideas!

  1. run 5km
  2. go sky diving
  3. pay off 500 dollars of my overdraft
  4. try meditation and stick with it
  5. learn some more fire poi moves
  6. cook a new recipe every fortnight
  7. cook a pavlova
  8. read at least 10 novels
  9. finish my mums scarf
  10. draw a picture a day. -this something I know makes me really happy but I never do it. crazy.
  11. go to one concert
  12. blow a pair of matching goblets

Weigh Day.

I lost 1.6kg! Weigh in was last night so stoked about that. so Current weight 111.9kg and im aiming for 108kg before i start school on feb 15th. odd number but its when both pairs of my jeans will fit comfortably and my belt also. will be awesome to be able to walk to and from school and blow glass without having to hitch my pants up every 5 seconds!! ( not that im complaining that they are falling down obviously thats a good sign!)
So i have gathered some inspiration from a friend... thank you Si! and im going to write a list of some things i want to achieve/try this year. like simons list (OMG ITS LONG) it may seem unachievable but nothing is achieveble unless you aim for it!!!!
so the list will be in my next post , its need some thinking about first but when ive posted the draft i would love some feedback and ideas on some things i could try!
just ate my fruit for afternoon tea, by golly did i want some cake instead... good thing the cafe next door to work is still closed for the holidays!

Sunday, January 10, 2010

I want to be this girl again!!

See the determination a confidence in her eyes, her slim face and healthy looking skin. i want to be there again. that was me at around 90kg so only 23.5kg to go :)

Thursday, January 7, 2010

The Beginning of my 2010 weight loss.

Hi everyone,
I have decided to start a new blog to help with the fresh start new beginning trend.
I am 114.5 kilos striving to be 70 kilos. Im 23 and a glass blowing student.
Today i am on track with my new key ring clicker (in love with it) and plan on doing a bit of exercise if that weather changes, where did summer go! Weigh day is tuesday night :)
So this blog will talk about my weight loss journey with all the ups and hopefully minimal downs i'd appreciate feedback on posts if you like and i guess ill talk about my life as well. its an outlet and another tool to help me succeed . :) here is a photo taken today so you all know who i am. (really not he best hair day in the world!)
Thanks for reading