Thursday, January 7, 2010

The Beginning of my 2010 weight loss.

Hi everyone,
I have decided to start a new blog to help with the fresh start new beginning trend.
I am 114.5 kilos striving to be 70 kilos. Im 23 and a glass blowing student.
Today i am on track with my new key ring clicker (in love with it) and plan on doing a bit of exercise if that weather changes, where did summer go! Weigh day is tuesday night :)
So this blog will talk about my weight loss journey with all the ups and hopefully minimal downs i'd appreciate feedback on posts if you like and i guess ill talk about my life as well. its an outlet and another tool to help me succeed . :) here is a photo taken today so you all know who i am. (really not he best hair day in the world!)
Thanks for reading


  1. Hey there. Welcome to blogging world! Whats your height?

    I am 168cm tall, and started at over 100kg

    Now I am at 66.4kg (as of this morning)

    If you want some motivation, check out my blog, for before and after pics - and general w.loss stuff

    You can do it mate, good luck with your journey

  2. Hi! Welcome to the blogosphere! I'm a bit older than you, but we have similar stats and goals. Congratulations on the decision to start your weight loss journey. You should check out Shazzy's blog! She IS inspirational! I sure hope I look that amazing when I get to goal. I dunno about inspirational, but feel free to pop over to my blog too at

    Have a great day!

  3. Hi! Welcome aboard the weightloss train! I'm 178 cms and started out at 158.6 down to 147.8. It CAN do it.

    Make sure you check out Shazzy's blog..she's amazing. And you know what? I love checking out Linda's too. If you feel inclined, my weightloss one is

    What does the clicker do?