Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Weigh Day.

I lost 1.6kg! Weigh in was last night so stoked about that. so Current weight 111.9kg and im aiming for 108kg before i start school on feb 15th. odd number but its when both pairs of my jeans will fit comfortably and my belt also. will be awesome to be able to walk to and from school and blow glass without having to hitch my pants up every 5 seconds!! ( not that im complaining that they are falling down obviously thats a good sign!)
So i have gathered some inspiration from a friend... thank you Si! and im going to write a list of some things i want to achieve/try this year. like simons list (OMG ITS LONG) it may seem unachievable but nothing is achieveble unless you aim for it!!!!
so the list will be in my next post , its need some thinking about first but when ive posted the draft i would love some feedback and ideas on some things i could try!
just ate my fruit for afternoon tea, by golly did i want some cake instead... good thing the cafe next door to work is still closed for the holidays!

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  1. Great work, Islay. Love the idea of pants falling off you, I had that once, I would wear them to work all the time on mufti days, even though they looked so baggy, coz I loved the feel of having to hitch up my pants all the time!