Friday, January 15, 2010

last few days.

the last few days i guess since weigh in have been difficult. i have exercsied and eat under (by 4 to save for tonights work do) my points but i seem to have this need to weigh myself everyday and the scales keep going up. i can hear some of you and all of me going ISLAY only weigh your self once a week at WW but i cant help myself. so its getting me a bit obsessive. what can i do to lose weight that im not already doing? what will i look like at goal. how long will it take me to get there. where do i wanna be for my birthday and how hard do i have to work to get there. these things are going round and round my brain and i cant seem to think about/ do anything else! hopefully when i get back to study in a few weeks ill have a few more things to think about and this will subside?
havent been for a walk today and i should , its a very pleasant sunny afternoon in dunedin.
tonight is the gallery work function, a very belated christmas one! and mum is cooking up a feast.. i have saved 8 and a half points for it so i have 23 points for dinner tonight which should cover it nicely.
OMG dinner last night was AMAZING i had french toast with banana bacon and maple surup! it was delicious and at 11.5 points it dam well should have been, had had light meals throughout the rest of the day so it was fine. a treat though not a weekly occurance! yum.
we cant get the WW bacon in NZ so it was 5 points worth of bacon that put it up there!
well i better go and help mum clean up for tonight.

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