Thursday, January 28, 2010

First post in a while, with words in it anyway! :)

Ok, today was a day where I wanted to eat! I managed to snack on fruit, corn things, a low points fruit juice ice-block and black coffee. So, proud of that. And I have made up 3.5 points from going over yesterday so I'm nearly on the level! (Two days of eating 24 when I should have been on 23 after going under 110! ) I think I may have just spoilt this announcement but I went under 110 kgs this week! Minimally (109.9) but still done and gone and NEVER going back!
That takes my total loss to 5.5 kg! YAY!
I had a massage this morning which was lovely, I just wanted to curl up and sleep after but i had to go to the doctor to get my IUD checked. Now this is the 2nd one i have had in four months, the first fell out and surprise surprise they think this one is too. Shit luck. Now I'm going to have to use hormonal contraception and I'm worried about weight gain!
In positive news, I have booked an appointment with a personal trainer for the first day I am in Wanganui to talk about what would work for me. I'm think one PT session a week and one boxing session, coupled with LOTS of walking to and from classes, a swim and a cycle in the weekends the weight should fall off! Haha.
Now the only problem with this is to be able to afford the PT session I need to give up going to WW each week. I have thought about joining online but I confidently track with my clicker, have a points calculator and WW books to find points values, plus I can use the WW message boards for support for free... so I don't think online would benefit me terribly, My PT will weigh me and take my measurements so I think I'll be sweet! Plus i have my cheerleading squad in my Bf and parents and friends who are all super supportive.
Only 12 days till I move and I am confident I will hit my 5% before I have to leave my Dunedin meeting which will be a nice milestone to share with everyone.
Next few days will be spent packing and sorting and i think ill swim both days as well.
Hope everyones day has been great and you have a fab weekend!

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